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  •  Marketing Training: 

How to use social media to attract high quality customers

  •  Sales Systems:

How to find and use automated systems to close the sale for you

  •  Product Research:

How to find products that convert into high revenue

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Swimming upstream or going with the flow?

We will show you how we run our business with just a laptop and smartphone.

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Our Global Team Is Expanding Everyday. The Most Common Thing New Members Are Saying Is…“I WISH I HAD STARTED SOONER!”


Get Serious About Creating A Business That Goes to Work For You Everyday Instead Of Putting Those Efforts & Time Into One That Works For Someone Else! 

Michelle: We’ve paid off our mortgage, taken multiple vacations every year, and even helped out my family back home in the Philippines!

Karen & Chris: This business has allowed us to retire early, spend our days together, and enjoy quality time with our kids and new granddaughter!


Hi, my name is Olga. My husband I live in beautiful Kelowna, BC.
I have worn many hats in my life:

I am a wife, a mom, an oma and a great-grandma and I am an Entrepreneur.

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“REASONABLE” equals a job and no risk.

Don’t be “REASONABLE”; it keeps your thinking inside the box and uncreative.


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